BizEx – Exhibition Order Tracking System

BizEx helps getting and tracking orders on exhibitions. Especially for companies who attend the exhibition. Bu using BizEx, you can create and print barcodes labels for your samples to show your customer. Also you can manage order and track your order performance during the exhibition.


  • Able to create and print tags with barcode for your products
  • Define detailed product and price info
  • Store detailed customer information
  • Generate dynamic price whether adding exchange rates
  • Detailed order management
  • Sending order reports by email
  • Able to read barcodes using your mobile device(iPhone, iPad)

Reporting Features

  • You can generate views as you need by using Pivot reporting.
  • You can analyze most demanded products or which company interested in your products by graphics

Technical Specifications

  • Easy setup and installation
  • BizEx installs on your computer’s IIS (Internet Information Server)
  • Compatible with iphone, ipad.
  • Printer compatible with Airprint
  • Barcode printer to create labels