Persono Digital HR Management System

Performance Appraisal is defined as the evaluation of all efforts by employees to fulfill the qualifications and requirements of the business in achieving its strategic, tactical and operational objectives. The Performance Management System Software offers up to 360 degree views.

Persono Performance Management System does not include the number of employees and the evaluation period limit. So you can make unlimited assessments for all your employees during the year.


  • Persono offers 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees performance rating.
  • You can evaluate competency, target or competency + target-based feedback performance.
  • Your department administrators, unit administrators and your employees can track the performance process by usign the application, and they can take an auxiliary role, so you save time.
  • Persono provides multilingual structure, so every employee can use the system they prefer.
  • Your employees can also manage performance appraisals over mobile devices.
  • You can import all the data belonging to your company from the Excel. Also you can export reports, lists and all data in the application.
  • You can even import all numerical targets and actual values, such as sales targets and use in your performance evaluation process.
  • You can use competency forms by creating competency templates belonging to your company.
  • You can instantly monitor the completion status of evaluations, either on a generic or departmental basis, with graphs on the main screen.
  • You can dynamically define the organizational structure of your organization, and you can define an unlimited hierarchical structure.
  • You can organize satisfaction surveys for your organization’s employees and report results online.
  • You can define goals according to your corporate strategy and performance goals, so you can achieve your core organizational performance results.
  • After evaluations, your departmental managers, top managers or human resources managers can make assessments about the employee’s career plan, backup plan, personal development needs and training needs.
  • Employees can use the system to report educational needs, career expectations, and views of their development area. In the same way, managers can contribute to employee career development by reporting progress reports and opinions for their employees.
  • You can access all the data such as average scores, completion and pending assessment rates based on employee, department and competency in the evaluation process instantly with graphs in the management panel.

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