Campaign Features

  • Easily create the message that’s right for you and customize it to make it look like your brand
  • Ability to paste your custom HTML e-mail designs inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • You can select saved Mailchimp template for content inside CRM
  • Upon creation of a campaign activity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our plug-in will automatically push the campaign activity with the marketing list (and associated contacts/leads/accounts) into MailChimp.
  • You can set MailChimp campaign sending options inside CRM campaign section.

List Features

  • Build and grow your own e-mail list
  • Create marketing lists inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM and have them automatically created/synchronized in MailChimp.
  • Anytime you update your marketing list in CRM, it will be updated in MailChimp
  • Add/remove members(contacts) via the marketing list and that also will be done automatically.
  • Automatically lead record is created for new subcribers
  • Option to Disqualify unbounced or unsubscribed lead.

Tracking Features

  • Track your results with Advanced Reporting
  • Get email actions as campaign responses as Url Clicks , Opens, NotOpens, Bounces, UnSubscriptions, Complaints etc.
  • You can track your campaign on CRM even if you did not create on CRM, you can bind campaign which created and sent from Mailchimp
  • When you finished the campaign, you set the status as ‘completed’ and all not opened actions created as a campaign responses on CRM
  • Historical data. We provide the ability to synchronize all the historical information inside MailChimp pertaining to an e-mail campaign back into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.